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We all have some kind of goals that we try to achieve in our life. However, not all of them can be realized because of many different reasons. Trying to accomplish too many goals at once might be a cause of out failure. One of my goals, which I attempted to achieve, was to graduate from collage in three years.

After I graduated from High School, I took an opportunity and went to collage. I got a choice to get a degree in three years. I thought, that is great, three years is not so long and will go by very fast. So, I set up my goal to finish collage in three years, and get a job and move on with my life.

Everything was great in my first freshman year. I was taking classes in the morning and working my part time job in the afternoon. I created a routine of going to school and work.

One year passed by and then another. I started getting exhausted and tired of everything being the same. Also, I wanted to get a real computer job that will give me experience. That was when I decided to take a break.

My summer vacation were not so great as I imagined because I had to work, and I started thinking that I could take few classes so I don't break my cycle. That is when I started failing to attempt my goal. When I got back to school, everything changed. I couldn't get into that cycle of being in school and working at the same time. That was a time when I accepted an offer for a full time position working as a programmer. I knew that taking that job would put school on the side. On the other hand, that job gave me great experience and start in the real world.

I think, the reason I failed achieving my goal was my fear of not getting a real job and experience. If I wouldn't take a break from school, I would have achieved my goal and finish school in three years. As a result of this, I'm still in collage trying to graduate and working full time job.