The cause of popularity of the cellular phone

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The cause of popularity of the cellular phone

The use of cellular phone in the world is growing continuously as time goes by. It's even hard to find people who do not own their cellular phone. Contrast to 5 years ago, there were few people who carry their cellular phone. The cellular phones were based on the black and white color and even there were few designs for the cellular phone to choose. People could not imagine the great cellular phone that we have in this period. The development and the popularity of the cellular phone grow fast because of the easy communication and diverse techniques.

Within using the cellular telephone, people can communicate with others easily. Recall about ten years ago. People did not use the cellular phone. It was difficult to people to contact each other when they were outside of the house. When someone misunderstands the place or the time that he had made a appointment with his people, the person cannot find the people easily without the cellular phone.

However, now, people use their cell phones to make an appointment even on their way to go to some where. In the situation when people cannot pick up the phone, they use text message. Moreover, the cellular phone results the development of the wireless product, such as the ear phone and the Bluetooth.

People call the America as not a country, but a united nation of various countries, because diverse races from numerous countries live in America. The U.S. Census Bureau recorded that there are 80 percents of the white people live in the America, 12.8 percents of black people, 4.3percent of Asian, 14.4 percents of Hispanics or Latino, and 1percent of American Indian. Nobody can says that one major race form...