What was the cause of the Russian Revolution that lead to the downfall of the czarist regime in Russia?

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***Note***References made to the Russian Revolution refer to the one that lead to the downfall of the czarist regime, and not that of Alexander Krevensky's provisional government. Causes of the Russian Revolution refer to the downfall of Nicholas II's regime.

There were three causes that sparked the Russian Revolution, none of which is sufficient on its own to prove the czarist downfall. A weakness in one area led to a problem in another. All the three causes are inter-related in some way. These three causes are leadership/political backwardness, economic backwardness, and wars Russia was involved in.

The whole concept of an autocratic state didn't please many Russians who wanted a government where the common man had more rights and power. Nicholas II made revolutionaries angrier by being a worse ruler than his predecessors were. Many people, in fact, were quite happy being ruled by czars such as Ivan III or Alexander II, who introduced reforms, worked diligently for their country, and most importantly, listened to their people.

Nicholas II, however, was an unlimited monarch. He made all decisions by himself without considering the opinions of his people. He refused to introduce any educational reforms, as he was afraid that educated minds would give birth to revolutionary ideas. This czar had no political knowledge and experience, and was always hesitant to arrive at conclusions and make decisions. In fact, he was an extremely weak leader, as he let his wife take over day-today problems in Russia. His wife, however, was influenced by a mysterious madman named Rasputin. Russia's defeat in WWI and the Russo-Japanese War (which will be discussed later in greater detail) proved Nicholas' inability to rule, to war, or do anything beneficial for his country. That's why he and his form of rule were major causes of the Russian...