What Caused the Civil War?

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The Causes of The American Civil WarThere are many theories as to the direct cause of the Civil War. However, these main beliefs can be separated into two main streams of thought. The first one says that political mistakes and blunders are responsible for the cause of this war. The second one says that the issue of slavery is responsible for the start of the Civil War. I believe that the true cause of the Civil War was the issue of slavery. If one were to break it down even further, then one could say that the issue of the expansion of slavery and the personal opinions of the people in the North and South regarding slavery were the two main causes of the Civil War.

Most of the Northern parts of the United States believed that Slavery was morally wrong, and they would not allow it in the North.

However, most of these people also had no issues with slavery as long as it remained in the South. The Missouri Compromise is an excellent example of this school of thought. The Missouri Compromise allowed slavery anywhere south and east of the latitude 36’30. This compromise kept slavery out of the North, the West, and for some time, politics. The Dred Scott case, however, changed this all. In this case, the Supreme Court ruled that slaves were personal property. This may seem insignificant, but it meant that slaves could now be transported to the West and to the North, because the law could not stop somebody from taking their possessions with them as they traveled. As of this ruling, slavery was effectively legal everywhere in the United States, and nobody could stop it. This ruling, along with “Bleeding Kansas, the annexation of Texas as a slave...