What caused WWII and a summary of the war.

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World War II began mainly due to unsolved problems from WWI and many came forth to take advantage of the economic problems and seize power such as the dictator Adolf Hitler from Germany, Benito Mussolini from Italy who joined together as the Axis power and then joined by Japan as the Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis The treaty of Versailles stripped Germany from territory and arms and it had to make payments for the war damages which was also a cause of war to what Hitler retaliated to when he came to power as he build a militia Due to economic problems in their countries the axis Powers seeks territorial expansion supporting Communism and fascism for their country. These countries were aggressors as Mussolini took over Ethiopia and Japan seized control of what was left of Manchuria and parts of China for it's rich resources due to it's own poor land to which it had to be dependent on others.

The U.S. for a time was neutral due to the FDR's Good Neighbor policy. Chamberlain proposed appeasement with Hitler for peace and then Munich Pact to adhere to any of his demands to avoid war. Hitler seized Czechoslovakia, but demands didn't stop. Britain and France prepared for war since it became evident that Hitler broke his promise. Camberlain was later replaced with the new Prime Minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill who would play a key role for the rest of WWII. After invading Poland, Hitler harassed Denmark and Norway also seizing control of the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. He was also able to conquer France attacking the city of Paris and with Mussolini's help and evidently France surrendered to them. Hitler moved on to Britain with blitz attacks. Churchill turned to the U.S. for aid. In the United States public opinions began...