The Causes And Effects Of A Fairy Tale Called "Rum

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The Causes and Effects of a Fairy Tale called"Rumplestiltskin? ? Well, my daughter can spin straw into gold.? In the Fairy tale ?Rumplestiltskin? a lie creates more trouble than it is worth. Fairy tales are known for the mischievous little things the character gets into. Normally it only takes one of those mischievous acts to set off a chain reaction of events. There are a series of cause and effect scenarios found in the fairy tale ? Rumplestiltskin.? The first cause found in this fairy tale is the lie that the miller told, ? My daughter can spin straw into gold.? By the miller telling this lie to the king the king reacted by taking the miller?s daughter and locking her in a room to spin his straw into gold causing her to weep. Because the miller?s daughter was weeping a little nymph named Rumplestiltskin appear.

Upon the Rumplestiltskin?s arrival he requested three things from the girl a locket, a ring, and her first born child. By promising Rumplestitlskin these things Rumplestitlskin reacted by spinning all the straw into gold. The King was pleased because of the gold Rumplestitsking had spun and proceeded to marry the miller?s daughter.

Since the daughter was married to the king she decided to take the next step and became pregnant. Because she had made the earlier promise to Rumplestiltskin she was going to be forced to give it up. The miller?s daughter grieved and because of this Rumplestiltskin gave her three day to guess his name and keep her child. Three days is short and the miller?s daughter in knowing this caused all of her servants to be worried and help her out by looking for new names all over the kingdom. By doing this she got a great effect and was able to guess his name. When the miller?s daughter said his name he became furious and stomped his foot into the ground, grabbed his leg, and ripped himself in two, causing him to die.

The fairy tale ?Rumplestiltskin? has many cause and effect scenarios. Every effect can be traced back to the miller?s little whit lie. It was mentioned before that the lie would start more trouble than it was worth and this story proves that a lot of trouble was caused by that lie. Anything can cause anything to happen and in this fairy tale there are many happenings. So until another fairy tale is found with as much cause and effect scenarios, remember, ? Today I?ll brew, tomorrow I?ll bake. Soon I?ll have the queen?s namesake. Oh how hard it is to play my game, for Rumplestiltskin is my name!?