Causes and Effects of Internet, ICQ and IRC on My Life

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Causes and Effects of Internet, ICQ and IRC on My Life

Nowadays Internet becomes more and more popular in our society. We communicate less in real life and actually totally change our lifestyle. I am using Internet for long three years and now I noticed that it affected my life very much. I begin to act differently. I found a lot of new interesting things. I met new peoples and even felt in love and get married virtually.

Three years ago I was little gray mousy. I have two best friends but I always spend my free time by sitting at home watching TV or reading a book. I have nothing exciting in my life, nothing new to do. My friends used to have "drinking" parties and it was comfortable for me because I grew up I n family where alcohol was forbidden. Actually I was not happy with this kind of leisure.

The greatest event of those days was day when my parent bought me a computer and let me to connect to Internet. The greatest time started for me.

I usually use two programs for communication: ICQ and IRC. ICQ is an instant messenger "I Seek You" and IRC is and Internet Relay Chat. When I started to use Internet it was hardly understandable for me how people can spend all their lives on-line. Actually, after one month I realize that I began to be on-line more and more. I was spending all my free time not with my best friends but with my virtual friends by chatting all the time. I found it is possible to have a lot of friends on-line. I began to go to meetings, which my new Internet friends were preparing. I met about thirty new people. Some of them later become...