The causes and results until the end of 1917, of the first revolution 1917 in Russia.

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This essay is to determine and discuss the value of different happenings and events resulting to the February revolution in Russia. Also the effects will be handled, but only up till the end of the year 1917.

In order to understand the need for revolution, you have to understand what the situation was like. It wasn't a question of a small group lacking support for the Tsar, or a couple of bad harvests. The causes for the revolution are rooted deep in Russia's history. The power had been in the hands of the Romanov dynasty since 1613 and most of the population lived under severe economic and social difficulties. The Government system was corrupted, inefficient and incompetent. Numerous attempts of revolution had been made from all social classes - teachers, peasants, nobility - to end the institution of Tsarism.

The autocratic imperial monarchy made possible repressive tsarist regimes after another, and the people felt betrayed and deceived after having been given uncovered promises.

They had no trust in the Tsar and no faith in future accompanied by the tsarist government.

The country's backward economic condition, added to embarking in World War 1, decreased popularity of the Tsar further. Equipped with non-existing armour the incompetent soldiers fought in the trenches, not standing a chance against Germany's modern and industrialized technology. Also the Russo-Japanese war 1904-05 declined on the popularity of Nicholas II.

The prices were high and wages disproportionately low, and this caused strikes. On the 23rd February 1917 the government ordered troops to fire at demonstrators hoping to raise their wages in Petrograd, modern day St. Petersburg, and the event culminated the next day when half of the workers of Petrograd were on strike.

All the events had a major impact on the realization of the revolution, but mostly...