Causes of the Civil War

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Cause of the Civil War

When it comes to the question of why the Civil War was caused, several

theoretical answers arise. One common theory is that the Civil War resulted

because the North and South became two different societies, with different cultural

norms. From my perspective, this is the main fact that sparked the Civil War.

One critical difference between the North and South was the view on slavery. While anti-slavery feelings were on the rise in the North, Southerners were concerned mainly on the maintenance of the plantations and believed blacks belonged under captivity. This is the point where mistrust came into play. The North didn't trust the South because they refused to help Southern plantation owners capture slaves. North depended on the South for making money, and the South depended on the slaves to pick their cotton. This created the Northern fear of Competition. The North was afraid that South would gain power of crops and put them out of business, which, in turn, would double slavery.

The North was torn between giving the slaves their rightful choices or keeping the economy balanced. It was a matter of moral standards. When the idea arose that political parties should care to this issue, the South wanted to break away from the union, while the North still wanted the two territories to stick together. The South argued about their state's rights. They said a state could nullify a federal law it did not consider constitutional. Southern states based their right to leave the union, on the fact the original thirteen states had existed separately before they formed together for the United States. The South could break their allegiance to the union because they were not part of the original U.S. If they could form their own confederacy, the South...