Causes Of Eating Disorders

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Causes of Eating Disorders There are many different ways that can cause eating disorders. The media isn't the only thing to blame for eating disorders. Things like physical, biological and social life can all contribute to developing an eating disorder. Therefore we cannot just focus on one of the areas and say that that caused the problem.

Some possible major causes of eating disorders are, low self-esteem, poor body image (which means that they don't see themselves as an average or skinny size), and also life changing events can also cause eating disorders. When a person has low self-esteem and stressed out most of the time, they tend to lose their appetite or think that they have no time to eat. This causes them to become skinny and tired most a lot. Poor body image usually occurs in women, where they think they are never too thin. People that think that will starve themselves or even intentionally throw up after a meal by sticking their fingers down their throat.

Another cause is genetic. This doesn't mean that all children with mothers who suffer from an eating disorder will have anorexia or bulimia. It just means that the child will have a higher risk of getting the eating disorder.

The type of social life can be a factor of eating disorders. Friends or others may criticize the person by calling them "too fat" or anything about their weight. This might make them think that they are overweight and start losing weight on purpose. Also, when he/she looks at magazines and sees an ideal picture of the size that they want to be, they may think that they are to big and purposely lose a lot of weight.

Major causes of eating disorders include big changes in life, growing up with it,