CAUSES OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION         There were many causes of

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CAUSES OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION There were many causes of the French Revolution to start. They got ideas from people and other events that happened outside of France. The thing that caused the French Revolution the most was the unfairness to the middle-class and working class people.

One major cause for the French Revolution was the unfairness in the social classes. This French parliament was called the estates-general; each had 100 delegates but only one vote for each estate. The third estate made up of the middle class, peasants, and city workers made up 97% of the population and had 55% of the land, but only counted as one vote. The nobles (2% of the people and 35% of the land) who made up the second estate counted as one vote. The first estate consisted of the clergy, which had only 1% of the population and 10% of the land but unfairly counted as one vote.

The first and second classes always voted together so the third estate would always lose. This led to the fact that the people in the third estate would have fewer rights.

Another big cause of thee French Revolution was the unfair heavy taxes laid on the poor people. The people in the third estate were being taxed heavily and the first and second were paying very little taxes if any. At the same time inflation started to occur so the people had to pay more. The number of unemployment started to rise which resulted to people not being able to pay for their taxes. When things looked like they couldn't get worse there were food shortages from crop failure the year before.

The last major cause of the French Revolution was the American Revolution. The French people saw the Americans unite and overthrow their mother country. This obviously motivated the French. The Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson with ideas from the philisophs in the Enlightenment era gave the French people ideas of what to demand of their government.

In conclusion, there were many causes of the French Revolution. The major causes were unfair taxes and parliament, and the American Revolution. To stop this revolution would be very difficult considering all the causes that went into its' development.