Causes of the Revolutionary War.

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Causes of the Revolutionary War

The greatest power in the world defeated by itself. During the forming of America in the new land, America was part of Great Britian formed by religious Puritans who came over for religous freedom

After the French and Indian war which was a bloody and expensive battle of Great Britian agianst France for control of East America the British won, being largely in debt Great Britian decide that the colonies should pay for part of the cost (considering in Britians opinion that, they were protecting the colonies).

The colonies however had a different opinion, they felt that Great Britian fought the battle for them selves. Great Britian not agreeing started unfairly taxing the colonies on everyday items, because of these taxes the colonies protested. Many people refused to buy British goods, and were illegally smuggling items without paying taxes on them, and burning piles of tax stamps.

After theses acts, Britain decided to send soldiers to the colonies to enforce laws on taxes. This just made colonists more angry especially considering that the soldiers were allowed to just walk into your house and live, sleep, and eat there also. The tension eventually raised to the point where soldiers and colonists broke out in scuffles, rocks being thrown and a soldier also shot and killed a man.

This is some of the main reasons that eventually led to the Revolutionary War which the colonists won forming America and put Great Britain in an even larger debt than before which led to the falling of the greatest empire durint that era and the rise of the greatest country of the future era, and maybe all of this could have been prevented if they had not taxed the colonists.