The Causes Road Rage in Australia.

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Stress is an inevitable part of life and unfortunately, is a major cause of road rage. Driver stress is usually brought upon in increasing traffic congestion, particularly if they are late for an appointment, have been on the road for a prolonged amount of time or even when competing for a parking space. Stress often leads to other feelings such as, anger, frustration and fear, which may also subsequently create tendencies towards impatience and intolerance amongst drivers. Environmental factors such as weather conditions and poor lighting can also influence road rage as it increases the chances of road accidents.

It is quite obvious that accidents on the road will often set off road rage. Most incidents of road rage are usually attributed to mistakes or misunderstandings of others, possibly due to intolerance of others or the neglect of the road rules. Experts point out that road rage is often the result of poor, careless or unsafe driving.

Behaviours such as, not using indicators, driving too slowly, changing lanes, cutting drivers off, or blocking on purpose can regularly lead to road rage, especially if drivers are under stress. Victims of road rage are likely to insult their offenders mainly due to inexperienced driving or behaviours of poor conduct.

Some psychologists have reported that road hostility can be due to dysfunctional behaviour. Offenders of road rage tend to be aggressive by temperament and become easily frustrated, especially if stressed or fatigued. They become less tolerant and are unable to control their own impulses. As a result, many offenders are prone to use violence as a solution and will have used violence in previous situations. Even slight damage or threat to their vehicle can infuriate them and set off a road rage incident. Many people feel that being inside a car makes them...