Causes of stress among young people

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Stress among young people has become one of the most burning issues nowadays and there has been considerable debate regarding its causes. From my point of view, the three most common justifications for stress among young people are as follows.

First and foremost, school has usually been cited as the most prominent cause of stress among youngsters. Undeniably, knowledge is ever increasing and the amount of knowledge that students are supposed to study at school these days can be nerve-racking. Therefore, instead of absorbing knowledge naturally, they are crammed with it. They are overburdened with the workload and hardly have time for recreation and relaxation. Undoubtedly, strain is unavoidable.

Secondly, non-supportive parents are also another factor that adds to youngsters' stress. They have such high expectations of their children that they sometimes pay no attention to their children's feelings. For instance, they always require their children to gain excellent academic records and take little notice of how much hardship their children have to encounter.

In this way, children are put under tremendous pressure, which can easily lead to some psychological problems, especially stress.

Last but not least, new social relationships cropping up during adolescence also pose some problems. It is obvious that adolescence is the period that people come through enormous emotional changes. At this stage, people have a tendency to get acquaintance with and make friends with many other people, in particular, to start having girlfriends or boyfriends. Because they are not mature enough, some dissatisfaction in their relationships, such as love break-up, can easily make them sorrowful.

On the whole, personally, I am convinced that stress among young people is brought about by cumulative negative experiences in their life: overburdened school workload, non-supportive parents and unexpected adversities in social relationships.

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