The Causes of Terror

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The Causes of Terror

Throughout the history of this world, numerous differences have occurred, within ethnicity, cultures, religions, and philosophies. There are contradictions, similarly as there are agreements. There are similarities, there are differences. People, tribes and nations have been defined by their traditions and cultures, but cultures have not always produced such a positive effect. Many cultures have subconsciously indoctrinated a simple, yet multifaceted theology of hate and bias. More prejudice than actual hate. People are taught to associate with one kind, and to fear others. Terror is an emotional feeling of extreme fear, generally caused by another person holding power, naiveness, and the use of force toward another person.

In Martin Luther King Jr's Letter from Birmingham Jail he strongly supports his belief, it is important to establish hope for those in need and fear to those who suppress the idea of equality for all humans. King address the fear that the blacks endure in the following sentence, "Where you are hurried by day and haunted by night by the fact that you are a Negro, living constantly at tiptoe pace" (King 218.)

He describes how they must always be aware of what might happen to them or their families. King also addresses fear when describing the blacks at a speed that they should not take. They feel obligated to let the white people go first in line, sit in the back of the bus and give their seats up to the white, and not make quick movements because of the fear that they would be lashed out against. "We stiffly creep at horse and buggy pace toward gaining a cup of coffee at a lunch counter" (King 220.) They fear the punishment, therefor in result, they obey the rules the society has set up regarding the...