Causes To World War 1

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CAUSES TO WORLD WAR 1 Imperialism! It's the main reasons that started WORLD WAR1. There are other reasons related to why it would start war.

My first reason is countries through out the years have always wanted more land, which would mean a bigger empire. With that would come other great benefits that would make a good and strong country. Many other countries want all of these things and only one will get it. Other countries will do everything to win. An example is the Serbs, who no longer wanted to be under Australian control. They used terrorism to get to their goal. They will not give up land or stop fighting, which means war. Who ever win the war wins the land. My second reason is that the economy for the country would be much higher and better. It would mean much more wealth for the country, and of course a bigger empire.

The great sources coming off the land means more money. It would give the country more chance to become bigger and better. Of course the more money the better militarism, which would mean more protection in case of war. My third reason is the countries would simply have more glory and power. The bigger the empire would mean more power. The country would have a much bigger chance of winning a battle, and it would intimidate others. The country would be so powerful others would think twice before declaring war against you. It could mean that the country could get more things.

Imperialism is the main background cause of WORLD WAR 1. It was the only way countries could claim liberty, and the only way to figure out who gets what land. You win the war you win the land. You loose the war you...