The Causes of World War I

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The beginning of the First World War was an incredible page in history's book. One of the first signs that war was going to break out was the increase spending on weapons. Another early signs of the war were all the alliances that were being formed. The conflicts between Serbia and Austria-Hungary were another turning point in the start of the war. In each country of Europe the political and military leaders had a hand in the war. From the time that the war was barely beginning to start the rest of the world was already going to be apart of it.

First off you would need to figure that the only reason a country would need more weapons is if they had some feeling of the start of a war. Great Britain for example started out with $3.54 in 1870 and then by 1900 they were spending $12.60. France and Germany were also some of the bigger spenders in the war which they happened to be the greater forces in it also.

This breaks down like this; the people with the most money to pay for arms were basically the ones who had the greater advantages. Germany went into the war with money but towards t5he end of the war they started to run low on the financial part of the war.

The alliances of the war were started off early. The alliances of the Central powers were Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire. The allied countries were France, Britain, Italy, Russia, Portugal, and Romania the US joined in later in the war on the Allied countries. Under the Neutral countries had Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Albania, and the Netherlands. These alliances started out early but as the war was getting started the allies to countries would get pulled in just because of their allies. When Serbia was threatened by Austria-Hungary they pulled in their allies to help them and then Austria-Hungary did the same.

The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand started out the basis of the war. Austria-Hungary had made demands from Serbia but, Serbia wasn't willing to follow all of the demands so then they had conflicts. And Serbia started in a small war with Austria-Hungary and off started WW1. When Austria-Hungary started to fight Serbia they had Germany come in and help them out, Serbia had Russian come help them out and so on and so forth. Once Russia and Germany were in the war there was no stopping the rest of the world from joining like a snowball rolling down a hill.

To conclude WWI was caused not by one issue but many. It started out with the growth of weapons. Then it went on to the spread of alliances. And finally the feud between Serbia and Austria-Hungary brought it into the beginning of the battle. The alliances were strong and the war was costly. So the cause of the war was strung together and it was inevitable, the war would have happened sooner or later.

BIBLIOGRAPHYall of this came from the history book:"modern world history patterns of interaction" by: mcdougal littell