causes of WWI - Treaty of Versailles

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Statement of intent

I will write a piece of formal writing about the causes of World War Two for a publication such as a newspaper. As this piece of writing is supposed to be for a newspaper, I will have to make it engaging and interesting to read, whilst keeping it accurate and factual. I chose to write about the causes of World War Two because it is a topic that I know a little about, and given the present circumstances in the world today, i believe that the possibility of a Third World War is more imminent than most people like to think, as the threats to the world posed by powers such as Russia, North Korea and China are very real, and I think we should consider them more.

Causes of World War Two

Currently, there are conflicts occurring in Ukraine, Israel and the Gaza Strip, Iraq, and Syria.

Thanks to social media and the internet, we are all reasonably aware of the causes of these conflicts, whether they are political, economic, or social. Some say that these conflicts are a sign of the times, and may signal the beginning of a Third World War. We know history repeats itself, so is the possibility of a Third World War more imminent than we realize? To answer this crucial question, we must understand the causes of the Second World War, so that we can recognize the repetition of history in today's world, should the circumstances arise.

World War 2 was the disastrous consequence of many complex causes, almost all of which can be put down to one thing: the Treaty of Versailles.

The Treaty of Versailles, also known as the Paris Peace Conference, was signed in 1919 by the leaders of France, Great Britain, and Italy, namely, President Georges...