Causes of WWII

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The aftermath of WWI, the largest war of that time period with the most casualties in which all of Europe was involved, led to situations politically, because of the unfair treatment that the Treaty of Versailles, which was a treaty that was used after WWI to help create peace and stability in Europe, imposed on Germany, the uprise of fascism as seen in Italy with Benito Mussolini, which was a form of government with one leader which was a dictator, socially through the foundations of ubermensch, a concept written by Nietzsche which stated that humans can evolve through struggle, ideology provided by Adolf Hitler, from propaganda, which was generally media that exaggerated and even lied to encourage nationalism during times of war, and poverty, which is when a society lacks goods and currency to fulfill basic needs, throughout Germany from the extreme debt and the crash of the economy, which made the standards of living go way down, and economically, from the rapid depression, and high unemployment.

These events all tied to the downfall of stability which was not even yet achieved in Europe, which brought about WWII.

The high demands and unfairness of the Treaty of Versailles towards Germany, and the rise of fascist states contributed to causing WWII. In document 1, which is an excerpt from the Treaty of Versailles, unfair demands are made from Germany, and it is clear that France is taking advantage of the unstable situation between it and Germany. In document 7, in his book, “What is Fascism”, Benito Mussolini is trying to describe fascism in an overly positive fashion in order to provoke others to latch on to the principle in which he follows. He is a complete dictator and would want to bring about Fascism to the rest of Europe.