A Cautious Mind

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As a young boy I was extremely adventurous, open and fearless. Now many years later I still posses many of the traits I possessed as a child still remain intact, but many new traits began to blossom in my personality due to events that occurred in my past that greatly contributed to my cautious way of thinking. Throughout my life there have been significant moments that pushed me into the direction of cautious thinking.

Around six years ago when I was eight I experienced my first push into the cautious direction. My brother, cousin and I were going swimming. At first I felt delight at the chance of conquering a new challenge. This was due to the fact that I could not swim, but wanted to learn how to. I suppose you can guess what happened next without anyone knowing I managed to cross the line between shallow and deep disregarding the rules and disobeying my parents.

Back then I was intelligent, but overconfident and that attitude nearly led to my early death and my watery grave (thank God for life guards). Prior to actually going swimming I believed that swimming was just another challenge for me to over, but following after the accident I came to appreciate two things, patience and most importantly caution.

Just two years after that, I experienced yet another excruciatingly painful step forward to obtaining a cautious mind. My family and some relatives went for a lovely, relaxing day at the park where my father barbequed a variety of mouthwatering chicken and steak. I still recalled the incident involving the swimming pool so I was reluctant to do anything that seemed too risky. Succeeding the amazing barbeque my cousins, brothers and I had an amazing game of soccer which completely exhausted me physically so...