Caves Of Steel

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The Caves of Steel This story, The Caves of Steel, written by Isaac Asimov is a great science fiction novel. Asimov is an awesome author who really knows how to explain and introduce his characters. I think that if Asimov were still alive he would write many more books because I can tell from his writing that he loves to write! I could tell that he put a lot of feeling into this book. The Caves of Steel is one of Isaac Asimov's many books. This book is about robots, a favorite subject to the author because he loved robots from childhood on. The most important thing to know about the author is that he made the famous laws of robots.

One of the lessons this book helped me realize is the concept of teamwork. Teamwork is so very important because you need a lot of people working together to do big tasks such as solve a mystery, or take care of a big mansion! All efficient businesses need teamwork to serve and satisfy their customer base.

Teamwork combines the brainpower of everyone. Teamwork helps everyone do a task faster and better because more people are able to think of more ideas. This makes me think of the phrase; two heads are better than one! The other lesson I learned is respect. In the book, the main character, Elijah Baley, had to show respect to the robot, named Daneel Olivaw because if he didn't, the Spacers would destroy planet earth. Respect is one of the most important lessons because you need to be respectful of others in order to Have harmony and be respected in turn. Respect is the key to getting good grades. I have respect for everyone even if I don't like them because it's the right and nice thing to do. I think that if everyone respected everyone else, this world would be a better place! One other lesson I learned is to follow directions. Elijah had to listen and follow directions given to him by the chief of police. Following directions is a very important lesson because if you don't you will get into trouble often and people may not like you as much. If I do not follow directions my parents become irritated and disappointed in me. They expect me to do things as told, and take responsibility. Responsibility is also very important because if you don't take care of yourself you'll never be able to take care of someone else. I think am very responsible and I also think I follow directions, even though my parents might disagree. I listen to people and if they tell me they want me to do something I usually do it, unless it's something dumb.

I think this book is going to get even better than it already is because Isaac Asimov is a great author. I would definitely give this book to anyone who loves great science fiction novels.

The most exciting thing about this book I think is that Isaac made the laws for robots that have never been changed. I would consider this an awesome accomplishment. On a scale of one to ten I would rate this book an 11 so far because this book is very well written.