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In this essay I will be discussing the cover of my album by Jermaine Budd and the title "No turning back”, The aim of this unit was to create a music artist and design a CD cover based on codes and conventions of producing original designs that I’ve made up. I learnt about the four main concepts of media, representation, foam of language and institution,The preparations I did for this coursework, I learnt about the history of music from different genres and I researched in some shops that sell CD`s, I went to my local music shop called HMV and started to look at different covers such as 50 cent, DMX, and Snoop Dogg these are the artist representing the CD, I chose these artist because they represent my artist Jermaine Budd and the kind of music I chose, I looked at the price plans to make sure my CD has the right qualities, I will also discuss the most important genres of pop music, the research into marketing of album covers, and finally I will discuss they way in which I created a new album.

From the history of music I learnt that pop music began with blues and gospel at the end of the 20th century in America where blacks sang about their hardships connected with the slavery. In the twenties and thirties jazz became dominant type in music for nearly three decades until the arrival of rock and roll in the late fifties. Jazz featured black musicians playing their music in clubs but it originally evolved from big bands to orchestras. Rock and roll was connected with the culture of rebellion. Young people opposed traditional values of middle-class society and music was one of the most powerful ways to express their opposition. At first, it...