Celebrities should and do receive the same treatment when charged with a crime

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Celebrities should and do receive the same treatment when charged with a crime.

Under the United States Constitution it states, "that all men are created equal" had indeed been the subject of serious debate all through the years. "Life is unfair", is a paradox we all know too well and often. With celebrities becoming more tangled in criminal acts, the justice system is becoming more of a divided system. I believe this divided system is made up of regular citizen and the other consists of the rich and the famous. By creating these imaginary sides, everyone is defeating the purpose of the Bill of Rights, which specifically states that "everyone is to be treated equally, to be granted a fair trial, and make every trial public" (Amar 1998, 21). But above all, I consider myself a concerned citizen who looks with abhorrence, as many Americans do, at the scene that surrounds the special treatment celebrity receive when charged with a crime.

While others may disagree, I argue that celebrities receive preferential treatment when charged with a crime.

Recently, the media has displayed coverage and stories of young celebrities getting into trouble with the law. Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Lil Wayne, Clifford Joseph Harris (T.I.) and Khole Kardashian have all faced court and jail time as the result of their reckless behavior. These criminal offenses range from drug possession to driving under the influence, thus exposing these celebrities to disaster. Unfortunately, our judicial system seems to be very lenient with these celebrities when it comes to locking them behind bars. Where average citizens would serve long tough sentences for such crimes, these stars receive preferential treatments. It seems to me that these celebrities are above the law or at least exempt from serving their full sentences in prison. While judges could...