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In the 60's Mo knew what his generation liked and knew that he could provide the product, concept, and brand. His entrepreneurial creativity in designing his product made his success an inevitable hit in the times of the back to nature generation.

In order to change the direction of Celestial Seasonings, Mo may need to put trust in the college-age generation, who now has the pulse of the world.

With the advent of Starbucks and the like, tastes have drastically changed. The tea that "Mom" and "Grandmom" drank in previous years now seems bland and boring to the new generation of tea consumers. For me, the thought of drinking a floral tea makes me ill. However, throw a pumpkin-spice, frothed tea my way and I am all over it.

If I were heading up Celestial's market research department, I would test, copy, and enhance all that is popular within the coffee market.

I'd see if a vanilla hazelnut tea would be a hit, if mocha tea would become the next morning need, and if almond tea satisfy even Mom and Grandmom.

Having too many products on the market that are not making an impact with consumers is an unnecessary expense. I would do away with the lowest selling 10% of their current product line in order to free up resources and monies for the newly agreed upon products.

In order for Celestial to compete and to expand internationally, their growth around the world would mostly depend on the amount of customer, market, and product research in each geographic area, e.g., what would work in the US may not work in the UK and vice-versa. They should explore hot, trendy regions and be very open to concept alterations with their current and developing products.

Because global expansion takes...