Celia: A Slave

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An institution that started in primitive times, slavery was practiced on practically every continent. We are going to deliberate the bane of Slavery in this book report. This is a very reactive topic, so it is of paramount importance to focus on key facts that define this time, as well as events. For most of America's history the bulk of African Americans has lived in the South. No other segment in the United States has experienced such a mix of African and European that is master and slave.

Much of the American South had become self-conscious and self-reflective in an intensifying manner. The southern culture has always manifested a gradual development of themes and plots of interests. The historical American South has begun to explore their own values and, sometimes, parody their own concerns and approach.

1 The book Celia, A Slave written by Melton A. Mclaurin is a very touching and powerful story in relation to the horrible abuse and the execution of a female black slave in Missouri.

This book is a an extraordinary and outstanding tale of a young woman Celia who at a very young age started working for Robert Newsom, a wealthy and affluent Missouri farmer and Celia also acted as a mistress for her master.

The girl in this time bore two of his children and in the meantime fell in love with a fellow bondsman. She tried to finish the sexual relationship with the master but he didn't allow her to do so and when she insisted on severing the relationship he raped her and during the course of the rape Celia killed him while trying to defend herself from the barbaric act of his enslaver. For her actions Celia was convicted of murder and was hanged.

The case rocked the very foundation...