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The Cell Phone Phenomenon People have a lot of things they carry with them theses days. Women have purses full of makeup and other personal items and men have wallets saturated with business cards, but one item that?s popularity has risen over the years is the trendy cellular phone. Almost everyone has one or is pondering on the thought of getting one. As you can see about anywhere, cell phones are the phones of the future. It used to be that only CEO?s and presidents of big companies were worthy enough for a cell phone. That was back when you basically had a car battery hooked up to it in order for it to get enough juice, but with the new battery?s and compact design they are now even more convenient. My question to society now is, are cell phones a nuisance? Cell phones have big effects on us, more car accidents, rude interruptions, and are taking up our minutes to share with family and friends.

Since the recent cell phone boom the number of car accidents related to cell phone usage has sky rocketed. The experts have proved that driving under the influence of a cell phone is just as bad as driving under the influence of alcohol. The scary part about that statistic is the fact more people drive while talking on a phone than driving under the influence of alcohol. The actual numbers aren?t out yet about cell phone caused accidents, but you can be sure that if something is not done soon a cell phone will soon be one of the biggest ingredients for a crash. Why though is driving while talking on a cell phone so bad? Well, look at it this way, when you are talking on a phone it requires your full...