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Cell phone services have been one of the fastest growing industries in modern history. Most people today use cell phones because of the convenience of communication cell phones bring to us. Because cell phones are portable, people can communicate with each other anytime and anywhere. Therefore, cell phones can increase productivity and efficiency for the social economy. With the development of the technology in cell phone industry, cell phones are not just for making phone calls today, they also have become an entertainment device. For example, cell phones now have variety of entertainment functions, such as playing games, watching movies, listening to music, and taking digital pictures. However, it is hard to believe that cell phone industry was a rarity just 50 years ago. Since the last 50 years, cell phone industry has been developed dramatically. As a result, there are considerably more customers than there were in previous years and competition between cellular phone companies for the best cellular service has become intense.

Currently, there are several major cell phone service companies in Great Vancouver area, including Roger AT&T, Telus Mobility, Fido and Bellmobility. As services offered to customers are almost same, how can they compete with each other to attract more customers? In this paper, we will explore cell phone industry's history, current cell phone industry's perspective, and Roger AT&T, Telus Mobility, Fido and Bellmobility's advantages and disadvantages to do their cell phone services business.

First of all, cell phone industry was one of the fastest growth industries in the

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world. According to research, the basic concept of cellular phones began in 1947, when researchers looked at crude mobile phones and realized that by using small rang of service area with frequency reuse. In this way, they could increase the traffic capacity of mobile...