Cell Phones and Driving

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Cell phones today are viewed almost as necessity, but it often goes unknown that they can also be tools hazardous to one's health. Disregard the news reports you hear so often which associate cell phone usage with brain damage and tumors and become aware of the injuries that can result from talking on the cell phone while driving. There is no doubt about it, cell phone use while driving is dangerous!

According to recent studies, more and more individuals are involved in accidents due to the usage of cell phones while driving. How many cases have there been of a reported driver starting to drift into another lane because that person is talking on their cell phone? They are more interested in their personal conversation then what is occurring on the road around them. It is hard to believe, but cutting a big business deal or asking their spouse what to pick up at the grocery store suddenly becomes more important than their own safety.

Even though cell phones play an important role in today's society, the convenience they offer must be judged against the hazards they pose. Without a doubt, cell phones can also be used as valuable tools for road safety. They allow drivers to report collisions, the dangerous driving of others, and can help travelers in times of distress. But the safety value lies in having a phone available in the car, not using it while an individual drives. If one must use a cell phone while on the road, it is best to find an appropriate time to do so, not while operating the vehicle.

Last year, Progressive Insurance Company did a study of 837 people driving while using cell phones. Statistics show that out of all those individuals, 46 percent of them swerved into another...