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1. Abstract

Cell phone is a commodity, which has become the integral part of day today life. It has flourished in the market very rapidly. Cellular system provides telephone access "anytime, anywhere." Cell phone technology has already crossed the 1st and 2nd generation presently we are running in the 3rd generation. Earlier there were very few features available in cell phones, now-a-days it has having a wide range of features. Initially there were only few companies present in the cell phone market, but due its growing market demand many players indulged in this sector. Despite many competitors, NOKIA is the market leader in India because of its technology and good market segmentation strategy. There is a prediction that cell phones will completely take over, and wire lines will hardly be used by the year 2010.

2. Introduction

Millions of people on this planet use cell phones. They are such great gadgets you can talk to anyone on the planet just about anywhere!!!!

Cell phones have completely changed the way we communicate with one another.

Cellular telephony is one of the fastest growing technologies on the planet .Presently the third generation of cellular phones are coming to the market. Present age phones allow consumers to do much more just making voice calls. The market is flooded with various cell phone manufactures trying to capture this fast expanding cell phone market. The technological object whose evolution has been a boon to mankind in the field of communication has become an integral part of day to day communication process. The rapidly growing market with high competition is pushing the cell phone manufacturers to constantly innovate and bring something "new" in their product to sustain and improvise their market share.


3. Evolution of Cell Phone

First mobile telephone system was developed and inaugurated...