Cell Phones in Today's Society

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A widely used technology used in today's society by all groups of people is cell phones. Being first introduced in the early 80's the main use was for business communication. It was convenient for businesses to use cell phones because it allowed employee's to leave the office and still be able to conduct things from remote places with ease. It connected employee's that generally worked outside the office to their superiors in the office. This ability to communicate with ease leads to quicker decisions and a better quality business. Once more businesses realized the usefulness of the cell phones and they too began using them the prices started going down. Once the prices went down and more and more people were using cell phones the advantages in owning one trickled down to the general consumers such as families. Now families use them on a regular basis. It is becoming a huge trend in a growing teenage market that creates a higher social status, making teenagers feel popular, fashionable, and cool.

With this huge growth in sales marketing for cell phones targets businesses, families, and now more than ever teenagers. They offer special deals such as free phones, free long distance, free roaming, special rates, colorful phones, etc. There are many positive aspects of owning a cell phone. The ability for parents to keep track of their kid's whereabouts gives them a sense of security just because it makes them feel connected to them all the time by simply dialing the number and hearing their voice and reassuring them that their child is safe. This also means a lot to the parent's peace of mind. The use of cell phones during emergencies and times of crisis have played a crucial role in saving many lives by, in general terms,