How the cellular phone is changing our lives

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The cellular phone industry is consistently growing every year. Motorola introduced the first cellular phone about eighteen years ago, in 1984, the "DynaTac 8000X". It was large and cumbersome weighing in around two pounds or so and having a price tag of about $4000.00. Even with the large size and cost of this cellular phone, the service it provided was sporadic at best. "Dropped" calls were common, there were very limited ranges, and the quality or the service provided left something to be desired. Within a few years of its introduction, the cellular industry began to grow quite rapidly. In 1991, Motorola introduced a new phone, the "Motorola MicroTac Lite". It was considered to be the lightest and most portable phone yet and retailed for about $1000. Cellular use was beginning to grow more and more every year as the cost and availability of the service was becoming more "user friendly".

The growth of the cellular industry seems to have surpassed just about every other industry out there. In 1987, there was an estimated 1 million cellular users, a mere 5 years later; in 1992 there were an estimated 11 million subscribers. Now, here we are some ten years later and there are an estimated 400 million cellular users worldwide, with almost 1 quarter of them being from the United States. It has been projected that by the end of 2003 there will be over 1 billion cellular phone users throughout the world.

In the years since the "MicroTac Lite", technology has taken cellular service and equipment to an all-new high. In this day and age, it is very common to see people with cellular phones so small that they are not even long enough to reach from your ear to your mouth. Yet the quality of the...