Cellular phones being used in cars.Should it be allowed? No!

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Distracting Calls While Driving

I am sure that many people in the world have experienced one distraction or another while driving and in one way or another created a problem. I know that I have and it definitely makes you mad when you are driving down the road and all of a sudden a car stops or just wont move due to the fact that they are wrapped up in their phones or in another case putting on makeup. I decided to debate this subject because it really is an act that needs to be resolved or at least averted to make it more driver friendly. I think that there should be a law that destroys the use of cell phones in a car while driving. I have facts that represent the dangers of cell phones while driving as well as real life experience.

Every year there are hundreds of accidents that can be linked to wreckless drivers with cell phones or other seemingly harmless distractions.

The number of cell phone users has sky rocketed as well as the number of collisions in America and this is cause for a law against phones while driving. "The sample group was small and biased: 699 Toronto drivers, all had a cell phone, and had been in a collision."(University De Montreal) In contrast, findings of a University de Montreal study released in February 2001 were from a random survey of 36,000 drivers. The data were from 1994-95. Since then, exposure has skyrocketed. "The number of wireless subscribers in Canada quintupled, from 1.8 million at end of 1994 to 9 million by March 2001, while licensed drivers rose by 10 per cent and vehicles by only three per cent."(Candian Post) The design was flawed. It was based on a model that associated an episode...