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The student as a person and as a language learner

The student's background

The student I chose to observe and interview is Krasimira. She lives and works in Sofia. Krasi is 50, and has Master Degree in "Radio and Television". She used to work in BNT as Head of the Technical Department. Nowadays, she works in her own company of advertising, marketing and publishing.

Previous language experiences

She had been studying English since she was 14. She was taught the basics of the English language. She had been studying English by herself and had taken different language courses intensively. She joined the CELTA English classes at AVO-Bell School of English in Sofia on the 9th March, 2012 for first time. She attended all the classes, joining her 10 classmates five times a week. Krasi said: "Each of the previous language experiences gave me some sort of knowledge and more opportunities to use the language."

Needs and Motivation

Krasi's motivation has both integrative (I love it) and instrumental aspects (I need it) - [Harmer, 8].

Krasi is considered that English language helps to her professional communication with her partners. She said: "It's a pleasure to understand and to speak English when I'm abroad."

Attitudes to learning and to the language

Krasi had an outgoing personality. She was always willing to take part in the activities that the teachers prepared for the CELTA English lesson. The materials used by the teachers during the lessons varied, ranging from visual aids to worksheets, tape recorders and books. Each lesson she took part in different writing, reading, listening, or speaking activities. She felt that the foreign teachers were friendly and that they all had interesting personalities, which were reflected in their teaching styles. She noticed that the teachers have different accents too. In...