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Censorship I do think that there should be some sort of censor on the movies that show on television, like they have. I do not think that they should cut out the curse words; I personally think that it ruins the effect of the movie.

I also do think that should warn parents about explicit lyrics on a c.d., especially when there are younger children around. I do not believe that the musicians I listen to are trying to promote drugs, sex, violence, shoplifting or murder. The musicians are simply just talking about what they feel; it's the only to get the inside scoop on what is happening to our favourite musician emotionally.

I also believe that most people over react on the books that are read in school. I understand that it may be their religion not to read a certain book and read about different things, but if they are at a public school, it is open to public and every religion is mixed together, and so should our thoughts.

We wouldn't be very successful, if everyone liked the same thing or thought the same way.

I also do not think that musicals or plays should be censored, I do not think that William Shakespeare would like it if he knew his work was being altered or banned.

Yet, I do believe that children's video games should be rated heavily. I have played some of the games my brothers owns and I know if I had young children, I would not want them seeing all the gore and violence that is involved in these games. They should have an age rating system on those games so under age children cannot buy them with out a parent or guardian approving of the game.

I still have some mixed emotions about censorship, and still can't believe what they did in Fahrenheit 451, or Swing Kids. That I believe is totally wrong, and no body should tell anyone else what they can and cannot do, in a sense. To me that is totally wrong and I would probably rebel like Peter, from Swing Kids.