Censoring the media is a crime

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Throughout history, conflict has brought on the blame game. Government intervention into the media is a hot topic these days, filled with controversy and blame. Every group is pointing the finger at another group. Parents are blaming the government for not helping, government is blaming the media for not censoring material, and others are blaming the parents for not censoring and protecting their children. Our society is getting nowhere. Government censorship is a violation of American's First Amendment rights, there is no solid proof that the media causes violence, and although parents do a lot to help and protect their children, there are still some steps that can be taken to protect their children against violent and sexual material. Government intervention (stronger enforcement of existing laws or new legislation) into availability of popular culture media would not help to reduce violence and promiscuous sex among America's youth.

The First Amendment is one of the things that make Americans and America great.

According to the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), the First Amendment gives U.S. citizens a right to free speech and protects the media from censorship, something that is now in jeopardy. Government intervention into the media would violate Americans First Amendment rights, something that Americans once fought and died for; America cannot give it up now. Irving Kristol, coeditor of The Public Interest, wrote an article titled "Sex, Violence, and Videotape" which appeared in a 1994 issue of the Wall Street Journal. In Kristol's article, he tries to persuade his audience that sacrificing their First Amendment rights is necessary to reduce violent behavior in the youth. "It is certainly true that any such controls will involve some limitations on the freedom of adults to enjoy the kind of entertainment they might prefer. But modest limits on adult...