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Censorship of the entertainment media may be necessary because; vulgar language, adult

content and violence is ruining our films capital image; the future generation of leaders,

medical professionals, and teachers (TODAY'S CHILDREN) are growing up to

uncensored media, which poses a bad influence; and the extent of some of the uncensored

media is ruining our culture. This "Uncensored Media" is corrupting our children,

making them more violent, disobedient, and also a rising problem children are beginning

to think how the actors on television act is how they are to act.

Some of the uncensored media, is posing a bad influence on our children,

increasing violence, suicide, hate crimes, rape, etc. After fifty years of research (Since

1948) children who watch violence/pornography on television tend to be more violent

toward others. For example, one of the more famous and recent cases, the Ted Bundy

case. Ted raped and KILLED a number of young women, and after a court hearing, was

sentenced to death.

Ted began with "Soft Pornography." After a while, that wasn't

enough, so began watching pornographic movies. Eventually, he was raping women, and

killing them. Why? "I just kept needing a bigger buzz" as Ted put it. Another death,

thanks to uncensored media, but not the last. The FBI also had a look at this controversial

issue of media censorship, what they found was surprising. The FBI questioned thirty-six

serial killers. (Which were either in jail, or awaiting their sentence of death) They asked

each of them if they watched pornography, and twenty-nine admitted to watching

pornography. According to another study done in Chicago, shows that 98% of the people

convicted of paedophile sexual acts were consumers of pornography. With the uprising of

movies and sitcoms in the entertainment industry, there has also been another uprising,

one that...