Censorship in America         “Get your stinky, yellow ass off my

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Censorship in America "Get your stinky, yellow ass off my property before I pop your guts full of blood!" I don't think any of the parents would want their little children running around the house repeating all the bad things they've just seen on a television. Hundreds of tragedies occur each year, which involve children imitating their TV idols. Children don't know the difference between a TV and reality. America should get smart and protect their children. That is why censorship in books, television programs, and music should be enforced.

What kind of books do children read? Books have a significant influence on child's behavior. Violent literature leaves a youngster without sympathy to a suffering. Therefore, it shouldn't be a surprise for adults to see their children torturing a pet, hurting someone physically, or even shooting a classmate. A recent example can be the Columbine High School Shooting where two students shot eleven classmates and at the end committed suicide.

This happened because their idol was Hitler who they worshiped and were obsessed by him. These actions are the consequences of violence in books.

Some music contains a lot of profanity in it. Rock music, known as heavy metal, proclaims lyrics of violence, harshness, satanism, and suicide. After listening to such music, children start to imitate their idols.

In America, the number one baby-sitter is television. From an early Saturday morning shows, there are a lot of cartoons that portray violence in unrealistic ways. According a study by the American Psychological Association (APA), the average child will watch 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence on television before finishing elementary school. Aleth C. Hustun states in the article "Does Television Cause Violence?" that "there is evidence that TV can cause aggressive behavior." If children spend three-four hours each day watching television, certainly they will start to copy "heroes" in their plays and their violent behavior. On TV children watch people get shot, and then they just get up and start walking like nothing happened. Children don't understand that it is not the same in real life. So when kids are left home alone, they find a gun that is not in a safe place and accidentally kill someone thinking that the victim will get up and walk again.

Parents who are concerned about their children's future should work together to change what is wrong. Do you want your child to turn into a terrible person after watching pornographic shows, reading violent literature, or listening to wrong kind of music? I don't think any parents would want their youngsters to repeat profanity from movies, start to imitate their idols by killing someone, or maybe even committing suicide. American children must be protected from a culture of violence by censoring books, TV programs, and music.