Censorship in civilisation

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Censorship and Civilization

Throughout time there have been certain constants that have stood as cornerstones of civilization. Be they good or bad, right or wrong, these issues have in there own way affected the way we live and act as humans. Among many others the need and use of censorship has been revenant in every dynasty and major civilization. Censorship goes hand in hand with the need for control, thus it has been an invaluable tool for all of our world's leaders, past and present. It has changed shape many times, been praised by some and condemned by others, appeared blatantly and practiced in secret. Nevertheless it is an issue, the question only remains, where and how did it start? By understanding the past we can prepare for the future, if we know where censorship has been, perhaps we can predict where its going.

Since in ancient times the censoring of information and ideas has been prevalent.

Originally it was the persecution of philosophers whose ideas contradicted that of the state or of their gods. Socrates, a Greek philosopher, took his own life before accepting the censorship of his teachings. He was charged with the worship of strange gods and the corruption of the youth he taught. Socrates' teachings where of the important of free speech and the need for open discussion on all levels, thus he was the first person to create a philosophy of intellectual freedom, and he took his own life to defend his cause. This was the time in history when civilization was just starting to bloom, governments where now organized, a status quo was officially implemented. At such a fragile time any person or group opposed to the rules of the state where persecuted for their ideas or beliefs. They were censored, silenced by the...