Censorship of the Internet

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Censorship of the Internet

Computers and the Internet have become a major part of everyday life for many

people. As the Internet grows, the amount of X-rated material increases as well. The

government feels that censorship of the Internet for everyone is the answer. Censorship

of the Internet would only limit reference material, uses, and a persons freedom of


It is true, of course, that censoring the Internet may keep minors from viewing

X-rated graphics that are available. The Internet is full of graphics and literature that is

inappropriate for children to view. Many people feel that this 'pornography should be

limited or even banned from computer networks because children are able to view such

images and text' (Internet Regulation 35). This censorship would include any indecent

photographs, letters, and obscene language. It would limit the amount of pornographic

material that could be viewed. But, by censoring all forms of indecency they may limit

the amount of research material available for access. The United States Senate has

approved a bill that would censor the Internet. This bill is known as the Communications

Decency Act, or CDA. The CDA is so strict that it 'could censor on-line booksellers,

human rights organizations, information regarding both AIDS and safe sex, and...