The Censorship Of Television

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Is television really influencing your children in harmful ways? I say that it is societies fault because parents should be paying more attention to their children. If the parents don't want to take the time to listen to there kids then who will? If the children grow up barely seeing there parents are expected to grow up perfect little angels. Was the world ready for the creation of the television? I will talk about why people believe that television is an influence on people minds. Should there be ratings on movies and television? If so what do they really mean? Can you see the future and if so can you see a world without television, violence, and sex? Censorship has been a controversial subject since the creation of the television. In this day and age violence and sex are a part of life. The violence and sex that are seen on television have been proven to manipulate the watcher.

There have even been studies done stating that violence an sex can have affects making people commit violet acts. It's hard to say that television affects people because it affects people in different ways. The most affected by this are children. Only because their to young to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. I can remember when I saw a movie and the hero was so cool that I wanted to be just like him. I believe that censorship should be put on kids under the age of ten because they still haven't fully grasped the concept of right and wrong.

In my opinion I say that the news played the biggest part in the controversy. It used to be that the news would tell a story and leave out the gruesome details. But, as soon as the people from...