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A large problem society faces is determining the fine line of censorship amongst adults and children. The largest melting pot of potentially dangerous material is stored in almost every home it America. That melting pot is the Internet. I don't think it would be fair for an adult to be denied access to a selected area of choice because the standards of society deem subject matter inappropriate. Individuals should be responsible and not be told what they can and cannot involve themselves with.

Can children be prevented from accessing materials, which are controversial? What can our democratic government say to concerned adults who feel their 1st amendment rights are being s violated{ or infringed upon }? How and by who are communities standards set? I believe censorship is not the answer.

A child cannot be prevented from controversial issues. Parents are not available to shelter their progeny one hundred percent of the time.

what a parent needs to do is know their child's emotional capabilities and aptitude to interpret and use intuition. The parent then mentors the youngster and teaches him right and wrong, make believe and reality.