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The census tracks I have used in this project come from the borough of Manhattan. They are as follow: 147, 149, 151, 153, 155, 157, 161, 165, 167, and 169. The statistics which I am focusing on are the total population of black persons living in these areas during 1980 and comparing it to the total population of black persons in these areas during 1990. Another statistic which I am focusing on is the total amount of households of black persons during 1980 compared to the total number of households in 1990.

There is a great difference in the information contained in these maps. The population of black persons in the census tracks of 1980 of greatly increased as shown in 1990. There was a relatively low number of black persons in the 1980 documentation. Since then the number of black persons had rose bringing a strong correlation with the also increased number of households.

This map tells us a lot about the certain group of people who inhabited these areas. It was not well known during 1980 for its population of black persons. There must be a reason for the great increase numbers. These reasons include the family earnings that were also increasing during this time. Black persons are earning better jobs and are rising in society.

I conclude that the 2000 census tracks will have no less of an increase from 1990 to 2000 as did the increase of 1980 to 1990. Looking back on research my research I had came upon the 1970 census tracks and there was also a substantial difference form the records which were taken in 1980. it appears to be that this number will keep increasing along with the number of households. So far there the rate of black persons increasing in these areas have not decreased and show no signs of doing so.