Center Stage.

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Center Stage Analysis

"Center Stage" takes the audience into the world of dance, not only of ballet, but also of salsa, modern, and jazz. The movie is focused on classical ballet, and begins with a select group of young dancers being chosen to move to New York City to practice at the prestigious American Ballet Academy, where only three men and three women will eventually be picked at the close of the year to become members of the American Ballet Company. Jody Sawyer (Amanda Schull) is a wide-eyed 17-year-old who decides to put college on hold in order to go to ABA, and follow through with her dream of becoming a professional dancer. Once there, Jody becomes close friends with roommate Eva (Zoe Saldana), also recently chosen for the Academy, who has what it takes to be a professional dancer, but has an attitude problem whose manner virtually challenges the director to throw her out.

Their third roommate is Maureen (Susan May Pratt), a highly talented ballerina who has been at the Academy since age nine, but who is unhappy and in a career chosen for her by her mother.

"Center Stage" focuses on Jody Sawyer, a blue-eyed blonde with flawless good looks who is accepted into the American Ballet Academy because of her face and despite her bad turnout. Jody is the most willingness to practice and be the best that she can be, but is told by one of her hard-edged instructors that her feet and body type are all wrong. During a scene of a dance class in the movie, Jody runs into another dancer while doing a leap from the corner of the room. Disasters like this happened to Jody throughout the beginning of the movie in her dance classes.