How Central America suffers and struggle to create high standard of living and how sad is their everyday life. Prostitution, suicides because of lack of employment.

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A Sad Story

By Cedrich Largaespada

Central America has been struggling to create a high standard of living for people who are actually dying of hunger. I have already lived in two countries. What I have seen and experienced is unbelievable. People are filled with dreams and hopes, but no one seems to solve the problem. I believe everything is getting worse because there are no work opportunities, there is a high level of crime, and people have low self-esteem.

First of all, in order to succeed in society, an individual should have a decent job. Because there is a lack of employment, people constantly get frustrated. The values of a family are sometimes lost. Little children risk their lives working on the streets because their parents are not able to get jobs. All of this constant disappointment and depression leads to people committing suicide.

In addition, high levels of crime are the main problem.

Teenagers tend to join gangs, so they can easily steal money. There is so much corruption, that it makes it easier for anyone to get a weapon. The streets are not safe anymore, causing bad experiences. After this scary incident I felt that there was no respect for life anymore.

Furthermore, the majority of the population seems to have low self-esteem. Once someone realizes opportunities are getting hard to find, people easily give up. When I lived in Central America I never thought I was going to make it to college. No one believes in dreams or futures in Central America. As a result, prostitution is often one of the most common solutions for their crashed wishes and needs.

What, then, will happen to the people who are constantly struggling to get a better life? Some of these people will give up...