CEOs Reachable Beyond the Office.

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CEOs have many interests and hobbies outside of work. Studies indicate CEOs spend quite a bit of time researching these interests through the internet. The hypothesis of this study is that internet is the most favorable media to reach CEOs compared to other media such as newspaper and television. This information can be extremely helpful to marketers who are trying to reach these CEOs, especially when budgets are tight. (Callahan, 2003).

Two recent studies on the "media consumption habits of top executives were done by Omnicom ad agency Doremus and Doremus created a proprietary technique called "passion index" for analyzing media buys aimed at C-level executives to guage where their passions lie outside of work." (Callahan, 2003). Christopher Philip, Doremus senior VP media director, said the company takes a different approach to reaching top executives and CEOs through their hobbies of interest. Marketing efforts made through Web sites of interest will ultimately reach the executive desktop.

The idea of reaching out to top level executives via non-business media is not new to marketing. "Xerox corporation was a pioneer in business to business television advertising in the 1970s. IBM Corporation and Southwest Airlines are two examples of business to business marketers that run spots on sports programming." recommends reaching top level executives via the Internet, based on the study conducted with GartnerG2 and "The survey, "A Day in the Life of CEOs Online" indicated that the Web is a central medium used by executives who responded, and the Internet appears to be a legitimate channel to reach them with

marketing messages." (Callahan, 2003). Out of 11,350 replies, 3,865 were from C-level executives. Of the C-level executives who responded. 53% accessed the Internet before work, and only 41% read a newspaper before work. From the same C-level executives,