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Cerner Millennium Systems


Being employed at Pomerado Hospital and questioning employees and management on our database management system, I have found out the hospital is affiliated with Cerner Millennium Systems. Cerner Millennium is one of the top healthcare information technology systems that "offer clients a dedicated focus on healthcare, an end-to-end solution and service portfolio, and proven market leadership" (Cerner Millennium, 2009). Cerner has solutions and services for hospitals and health systems, physician practice, life sciences, employers, homecare, devices, retail pharmacy, services and quality improvement. However, I will focus on the solution areas of the hospitals and healthcare systems. In the next couple of paragraphs, I will provide the mission and vision of Cerner Millennium, along with its mission and vision. Furthermore, I will describe and provide the certain areas that Cerner Millennium Systems deals with and discuss what the system is used for in the organization.

Mission and Vision statement of Cerner Millennium

Cerner Millennium System provides healthcare information technology solutions around the world and in order to better themselves in their processes, they must determine and figure out the factors that will benefit the organization, as well as the employees. "Cerner's mission is to connect the appropriate persons, knowledge and resources at the appropriate time and location to achieve the optimal health outcome. Cerner's vision of proactive healthcare management drives innovation in the development of effective solutions for today's healthcare challenges, while creating a foundation for tomorrow's healthy populations" (Cerner Millennium, 2009).

Solution Areas of Hospitals and Health Systems

Cerner Millennium Systems deals with numerous solution areas; however, I will be discussing the ones I am most familiar with, which are: critical care, document imaging, emergency department, laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology. Cerner Critical Care allows...