Ch. 11, Call to Freedom Outline

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Section 1

I. Conflict

Americas in Native American lands


Great Britain traders

War Little Turtle

Anthony Wayne

Little Turtle

II. Whiskey Rebellion

Sons of Liberty

Some argue tax too high

Some farmers fined

Farmers refuse fines/taxes

Congress had 13,000 in washington

No battle

III. Washington's Farewell

2 Terms Tired

Power to the People

Foreign Ties

Division w/ Politics

Public Debt.

Govt. Borrow Money

Section 2

I. French Louisiana

Led my General Bonaparte

Feared across Europe.

Sent troops to Louisiana first, then france replaced spain as the key european power.

French colony, St. Domingue was standing in the way

Enslaved Africans had gained their freedom by taking over the colony in the 1790s, and former slave Toussaint-Louverture ruled the island.

II. The Louisiana Purchase

Jefferson wanted to keep French from controlling New Orleans.

War was not wanted.

Napoleon wanted to sell Louisiana for many reasons

III. Mission of Discovery

Americans had not know about the american indians

They needed explorer.

President asked Meriwether Lewis.

William Clark was chosen as lieutenant.

Preparation of the journey asked for studying of plants, maps, and culture

IIII. Zebulon Pike

Zebulon Pike was sent on a mission to go west, a year after Lewis and Clark returned.

Pike led this expedition to Rockys.

Section 3

I. Danger on the High Seas

Algers were pirates in the Barbary states

Britian passed act that they were allowed to seize ships carrying goods to France

France declared no one can send goods to Britian.

Impressment, or forcing to move/remove, often led to violence with different countries

II. A Trade War

US was required to inforce GB's violation of US neutrality.

Some wanted embargo, or ban of trade

December 1807 congress passed Embargo act

US wanted to help many ships by this

III. The Rise of Tecumseh

Disagreement was...