Chainsaw Hazards

Essay by hot_dran April 2004

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There are a number of hazards that are associated with a chainsaw. Some of them are danger from the saw blade damage to limbs, splinters/sawdust in the eyes, danger from felled branches, hearing damage due to the noise level of saw operation, kickback of the blade, danger from clothing getting stuck in the blade of the chainsaw and danger from Fuel leakage and fire hazard.

Since it is impossible to write all the hazards on a warning sign, I have made a warning sign to warn the user of the chainsaw, of the most serious hazard due to a chainsaw, which is the injury from its blade.

I think that the warning sign should be placed below the starter handle and in front of the choke control. This chainsaw is made in such a way that the operator grabs the front handle by his left hand and the rear handle with his right hand.

So placing the warning in the area mentioned will make sure the sign is always visible to the user, because if the sign was at the other side of the chainsaw then it would not be very visible to the user. Also, I think that the warning should be made of plastic and should and should be rectangular and 9x7 centimeters in dimension or if the size of the chainsaw allows the sign to be bigger. Also the color of the warning should be as different as possible from the color of the machine so that it is easily visible. I have a color in my sign because we are not given the color of the machine. It is also important that we do not place the sign on the blade on the machine because it will wear of from the blade when...