The Challenge of Globalization & The Greater Good

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The Challenge of Globalization & The Greater Good

Globalization is the cause of increasing the interdependence and integration in our globe with respect to the social, cultural, economic, political, technologies, and religions etc. It is a process of interaction and integration through the people, social, cultural, companies, and governments of different nations. The most well-known reasons are the international trades and investments, also the innovation of the information systems have played a big role in it. These affect our environment, cultures, religions, political systems, and economic developments, which is everything around us. In the recent decades, globalization has become an extremely controversial subject in form of many different debates. There are many supporters of globalization who stated that international trade has benefited those developing countries and helped them to achieve a higher living of standards. However, there are also critics of globalization who strongly disagree and argue that globalization has not helped developing countries but instead it causes the exploitation of these countries for their cheap labors and hurt the economy of the developed countries.

According to Anthony Giddens' question, "is globalization a force promoting the general good?" (Muller, p.241), he said it is hard to answer as globalization is a 2 - sided issue. I agree with Gidden and my point of view is globalization is promoting the general good by reforming our economy and cultures which makes our living better.

Globalization offers a higher standard of living for the people. According to Johan Noberg(1993), he stated that a Vietnamese woman got a job in Nike's factory which is located in Vietnam. Therefore she got well paid than before and could afford some expensive goods that she couldn't have it before, such as car. This is an example of how globalization changes the living standard in Vietnam.