The Challenge to Spot the Peculiar Item

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The story begins with me and my dream. All along I wanted to be an author and a researcher. I love to do research and observe things in a very careful manner, and then write them down in my notebook. Finally there is a chance for me to accomplish my dream which is to be a history story book writer. However, the manager of the book company gave me a task before he decides whether or not to hire me. He wants to see where my knowledge and creativity stands, and whether I really have inspired ideas that everyone would admire and be impressed. The task is to make connections to four out of five objects, and to say the difference to the object that is left out. There are five objects on the table, waiting for me to identify what they are, what they're used for, and to find the particular one that disassociates with others.

If I can identify them clearly, my dream as a writer would come true. I cannot miss this chance. The 5 objects on the table are: 1.) A book by F.F. Peters called "Jerusalem". 2.) A hard-cover book called "Persepolis" which is written in Hebrew. 3.) A yellow paddle with the words "Logitech" printed on it. 4.) A small, red and orange paper Trojan horse wrapped with a plastic bag. 5.) A round red tin of typewriter ribbon with "The Heffer" marked on it. From what I see, there are not many connections that I can make in these 5 different objects, nor can I find the particular one that is the exception. Some are pretty easy to identify. However, these objects are not easy to connect and disassociate. Now is my time to express my wisdom and let the manager get impressed...